Who is This Guy?

This has been years in the making, but it always takes time, opportunity, and motivation for a project to come into fruition.

My name is Alondo. If you look around on Google or Yahoo, I assure you that I am not one of the Alondos who has a stunning mugshot portrayal of them prominently brandishing their criminal accomplishments. Well, not yet.

20130331-111629.jpgI am a middle-aged African American who, like you, dabbles in topics that you take interest in, too.

I have been programming and tinkering with computers for well over 20 years, first programming on a TRS-80 from Radio Shack. I have been a casual runner for about 4 years, participating in a few 5Ks, two Tough Mudders, and a couple of half marathons. As for my nerd-cred, I love good Sci-Fi. No cheesy films with horrible special effects and middle-of-the-road dialogue; if I can’t suspend my disbelief, you don’t get my undivided attention. I also love comics, but I am getting tired of the art of resurrection and alternate realities. Writers out there, these should be used as an “Oh my gawd!” mechanism to throw the reader a curve ball they were never expecting, not a gimmick to bypass the obvious inadequacies of horrible story lineage and poorly researched character history.

That being said, I hope that you enjoy my silly little outpouring of thoughts, aggregation of pertinent news, and recounting of life experiences.

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