But I’m Somebody Important, Aren’t I?

At a collegiate championship cycling event, an elderly cyclist meandered across the race course, nearly colliding with an oncoming broom wagon. As he arrived on the opposite side, an officer asked him why he ignored the vehement shouts of impending doom by officials, the man responded that he was  on the Mayor’s Bicycle Council. Really? He should heed their own advice.

Giddy Like a School Girl with a New Barbie Dreamhouse

(The Big Showoff-Take 2 - Courtesy of Zach Dischner)

Okay, it has been a while since a post has been submitted to the site, and the excuses that could be used range from “The ISP did something funky and blocked access to the site” to “It was a bear to get on while participating in this rapid knuckle hair growth serum testing”. In actuality, though, it has been a matter of working a little hard and avoiding a computer outside of work hours.

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