DHS Not a Fan of IE

Having suffered from its own hacks, it seems the Department of Homeland Security is issuing a general warning to Americans to discontinue the use of Internet Explorer following an exploit that was recently identified. Of course, the real culprit here seems to be Adobe Flash, which might be proven to be as problematic as Steve Jobs claimed it was years ago.

Apple Drops Prices on Macbook Airs

Apple has long been known to charge a premium for its devices. Even their more antiquated hardware comes with the infamous “Apple surcharge“. However, in a move that might acknowledges the age of the Macbook Air line, they have dropped the price by $100. I wouldn’t be surprised if this move is in anticipation of the line finally getting a Retina display.

Racism: a Common, Elderly Characteristic?

As stories, like Donald Sterling‘s, come to light, I wonder if a predisposition to racist stereotypes among geriatrics is entrenched through how heavily steeped they were in segregation and blatant civil rights oppression. I would never give anyone who practices racism a pass under any circumstances, but it might be a fool’s errand to rehabilitate theirĀ  antiquated and misguided mindsets.

Sony Continues Actually Listening to Consumers

Sony, you have had a great turnaround. Around 2005, you egotistically boasted that consumers should be so honored to get your system that they would get additional employment to afford its stratospheric pricetag.

Fast forward 9 years, and Sony is leading this latest generation of gaming consoles with a combination of incredible hardware, low price tag, and a focus on independent developers.


I Dare You to Bulk Up

Ladies, I get it – you don’t want to look like Lou Ferrigno’s female twin. However, you have to stop listening to myths about weight training. It is incredibly difficult for you to gain the type of muscle that makes you look unfeminine or “mannish”. Weights can help you get to your goals quicker and help you beat your flabby boyfriend arm-wrestling.