Poor Microsoft and Dell…Windows 8 Tablet is a Disaster

So I was recently tasked with the responsibility to evaluate a Windows 8 tablet; in this instance, it is a Dell XPS 10 tablet. Before I get started, let me tell you that this machine has been configured to work with my work domain, so there are some cutesy bells and whistles that don’t look to be available to me.

My first take of the device was that it had a great display, with rich colors and deep enough pixel count. Then I actually picked it up. Having used some form of iPad for the last 3 or so years, I felt this thing was some kind of heavy. Then I started to pay more attention to the display. It’s a landscape format that is probably 16:9, maybe even wider. My issue with that is it doesn’t really lend itself to being used in portrait mode. I mean, the thing seems to reach all the way down my entire lower arm when I do so. The size in combination with the weight would most likely assure me of Popeye forearms in no time. Continue reading “Poor Microsoft and Dell…Windows 8 Tablet is a Disaster”

App Upgrades to iPhone 5 Breaking iPhone 4s (or older) Usability

Here comes my rant, so get your riot shields ready while I prop up this soap box.

I have noticed a disturbing trend with a few apps I am using – once the app has been updated, areas within the app are modified to take advantage of the extra real estate that the iPhone 5 has. This puts some tools, controls, and navigation out of “reach” when using these apps on my iPhone 4s. Is it a problem: Yep! Continue reading “App Upgrades to iPhone 5 Breaking iPhone 4s (or older) Usability”

HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 – So Torn

Over the last 2 years, I have come to grips with the fact that the iPhone is not for me. I can’t keep carrying around a device that screams “I am one of the mindless in the mass” when there are devices that stand head, shoulders, and torso above the iPhone. “Why?” Well this is the part where I sit down that single reader of my blog and break down the hard truths. Continue reading “HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 – So Torn”