Shame on You, Sensational Tech Journalists

Why do flaws or glitches now get the “gate” suffix, thus associating it with a devious plot by the most powerful man in the world?a24775a8ac4204806cf17e25f06cdd05[1]

Enthusiasts hell-bent on being on the bleeding edge should expect problems, not allusions to conspiracies. The Takata airbag scandal didn’t get such notoriety, even thought it was far more deserving than “tattoogate“.

Shame on you, journalists.

Black Development in a Homogeneous World

Angela from Sunset by Tale of Tales
Angela from Sunset by Tale of Tales

This is a great article regarding diversity in gaming development. If not for my fatigue in being “the black guy” in any arena of IT development – application, web, or otherwise – I’d have pursued game programming long ago. I have to appreciate this read for bringing attention to rampant racism in on-line gaming, as well. It’s why I  keep my multi-player chat muted.

Karma for the Russian Space Program?

Dispersions of national karma are usually slow, taking months or years for such coincidences to overlap. That is not the case in the instance where Russia, who announced a retaliatory ban of rocket engine sales to the US only two days earlier, had a rocket fall back to Earth shortly after launch. Unfortunately, Russian rocket malfunctions might be a growing trend.

Dr. Dre: From Compton to Forbes

465075-d0ea2a4a-e6b3-11e3-ba62-a129b4e220c3[1]Dr. Dre would eclipse the current richest hip-hop mogul, Sean Coombs, should a rumored deal of Apple buying Beats Electronics (Beats By Dre) for a reported $3.2B be true. There are numerous questions of why this move would make sense, but neither company takes such large decisions lightly, so it is probably not for us to know until the inevitable reveal.

DHS Not a Fan of IE

Having suffered from its own hacks, it seems the Department of Homeland Security is issuing a general warning to Americans to discontinue the use of Internet Explorer following an exploit that was recently identified. Of course, the real culprit here seems to be Adobe Flash, which might be proven to be as problematic as Steve Jobs claimed it was years ago.

Apple Drops Prices on Macbook Airs

Apple has long been known to charge a premium for its devices. Even their more antiquated hardware comes with the infamous “Apple surcharge“. However, in a move that might acknowledges the age of the Macbook Air line, they have dropped the price by $100. I wouldn’t be surprised if this move is in anticipation of the line finally getting a Retina display.

Sony Continues Actually Listening to Consumers

Sony, you have had a great turnaround. Around 2005, you egotistically boasted that consumers should be so honored to get your system that they would get additional employment to afford its stratospheric pricetag.

Fast forward 9 years, and Sony is leading this latest generation of gaming consoles with a combination of incredible hardware, low price tag, and a focus on independent developers.


It Was the Best of Times, It Was the#TG##r32..[Service Unavailable Error]

In this age of 24 hours x 7 days a week availability, I still get this look of bewilderment on my face when I see that a website is down (even my own). So I am sure anyone reading this can imagine how my face looked when I saw that Amazon was down. At 2:15pm on a Monday afternoon. Did they get a “case of the Mondays”, too?

Amazon Down

Poor Microsoft and Dell…Windows 8 Tablet is a Disaster

So I was recently tasked with the responsibility to evaluate a Windows 8 tablet; in this instance, it is a Dell XPS 10 tablet. Before I get started, let me tell you that this machine has been configured to work with my work domain, so there are some cutesy bells and whistles that don’t look to be available to me.

My first take of the device was that it had a great display, with rich colors and deep enough pixel count. Then I actually picked it up. Having used some form of iPad for the last 3 or so years, I felt this thing was some kind of heavy. Then I started to pay more attention to the display. It’s a landscape format that is probably 16:9, maybe even wider. My issue with that is it doesn’t really lend itself to being used in portrait mode. I mean, the thing seems to reach all the way down my entire lower arm when I do so. The size in combination with the weight would most likely assure me of Popeye forearms in no time. Continue reading “Poor Microsoft and Dell…Windows 8 Tablet is a Disaster”

App Upgrades to iPhone 5 Breaking iPhone 4s (or older) Usability

Here comes my rant, so get your riot shields ready while I prop up this soap box.

I have noticed a disturbing trend with a few apps I am using – once the app has been updated, areas within the app are modified to take advantage of the extra real estate that the iPhone 5 has. This puts some tools, controls, and navigation out of “reach” when using these apps on my iPhone 4s. Is it a problem: Yep! Continue reading “App Upgrades to iPhone 5 Breaking iPhone 4s (or older) Usability”