When Real Gaming Meets the Real World – Game Characters in Real Settings

TMNT in Real Life

Like most 35+ year olds, there is a special place in our hearts for the Super NES. It took the best 8-bit home gaming system of the day and injected steroids into it, giving us near arcade-quality gameplay in homes everywhere. By the end of its life, it was a true powerhouse of graphics and audio capability that Sega just couldn’t quite beat. Just the availability of Mortal Kombat II in a living room was an amazing feat!

Well, it’s time to take nostalgia to level 42 with these sets of images by Glauber Tanaka and Victor Sauron. If only these images were screen caps from remakes of these games with the realistic backgrounds! The concept is refreshing and makes you want to break out an emulator just to relive the memories. I have definitely given new considerations to getting a certain item in the near future. Some of their other images are listed after the break, for your perusal.

Indiana Jones in Real Life (by Victor Sauron)

Super Mario World in Real Life (by Victor Sauron)Super Mario Kart in Real Life (by Victor Sauron)Top Gear in Real Life (by Glauber Tanaka)

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