Pressing: And The Results Are In

I heat the press up to 175 degrees and put the comic sandwich in for 15 minutes. Then I shut it off and let the comic and press cool down for 2 hours. This process ensures that the comic doesn’t revert to it’s previous shape and prevents curling.

Pressing can only raise a comic in the same range (e.g., 9.0 to 9.6), but it can significantly improve a low grade book.

Below is my press of Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1

Before (Whole book)

Before (Middle Right)

Before (Bottom Right)  

Before (Top Right)

After (Whole Book)

After (Middle Right)

After (Bottom Right)

After (Top Right)

Pressing: Creating a Masterful Comic Sandwich

Presses are great, but other materials are necessary. The ordering is important:

Completed comic sandwich
Completed comic sandwich (release paper at bottom, top sheet removed for picture)









  • Release Paper
  • Magazine Backing Board
  • Tissue Paper
  • Front Cover
  • Backing Board
  • Tissue Paper
  • Backing Board
  • Back Cover
  • Tissue Paper
  • Magazine Backing Board
  • Release Paper
Boards create the flat smooth surface
Tissue Paper (press out any creases)
Tissue Paper prevents sticking (press out creases)





It’s Running Season, So Let’s Get Serious About These 5K’s (but not too serious)


Over the next few months, there is an expectation that a number of folks will be hitching their wagons to at least one 5K (3.2 mile) run. So, if it’s your first, how do you prepare?

Well, luckily your friends at have put together a quick How-To on preparing for your first race day. It includes those basic “duh” tips that can help make your race day a success. And let’s not forget that the race is only part of the experience, a 5K can eat up a good portion of your day when you consider preparation, execution, and celebration.

Currently, though, a great trend has been developing: Fun 5Ks! Continue reading “It’s Running Season, So Let’s Get Serious About These 5K’s (but not too serious)”