The Cold Hard FACTS About Variants

I’m gonna break with my 61-word format and post up this long-form article. I hope it helps you all think a little bit about the comic book buyer’s market and how it has evolved with the evolution of technology.

I keep reading comments all over the Internet that talk about the disgust with “all these variant covers” and the impending implosion of the variant market. Let’s get a little into human psychology and explain why allusions to the 90’s market are unfounded in today’s setting. In fact, let’s break with the typical angst of the Internet and have an intelligent conversation and identify the factors. Bear with me here. Continue reading “The Cold Hard FACTS About Variants”

Pressing: And The Results Are In

I heat the press up to 175 degrees and put the comic sandwich in for 15 minutes. Then I shut it off and let the comic and press cool down for 2 hours. This process ensures that the comic doesn’t revert to it’s previous shape and prevents curling.

Pressing can only raise a comic in the same range (e.g., 9.0 to 9.6), but it can significantly improve a low grade book.

Below is my press of Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1

Before (Whole book)

Before (Middle Right)

Before (Bottom Right)  

Before (Top Right)

After (Whole Book)

After (Middle Right)

After (Bottom Right)

After (Top Right)

Pressing: Get to Know the Science

Delving into comic book pressing, I realized that advice was coming from journeymen who learned through experience – at some time, they were amateurs, like me. However, some referred to experts in paper conservation to be12838-1002-3ww-l informed. I did some of the same research and am including links to these studies with attributions. I used these findings to develop my own processes.

Practical Considerations for Humidifying and Flattening Paper

A Preliminary Study of the Effects of Pressing on Comic Book Paper

CCS Comic Pressing Services (Specifically speaks about CGC’s stance on comics and what defects are good candidates for pressing)

The Conservation and Display of Comic Books

Pressing: Start with the Right Equipment

Seal 160M Dry Mount Press
Heard great things about this press. Goes down to 150 degrees.

There are some great postings that offer great advice on pressing.

Seal Bienfang 210M Dry Mount Press
These can be pricey new, but I found one for $100. Can press two books at once.

Amateurs tempered my fear to get started with my own books. The key I’ve learned is to start with good equipment. Stick with a good quality, sturdy dry mount press that can go down to around 150°F. Try to find one cheap on Craigslist, otherwise, the shipping will kill ya.

Pressing: Not Just for the Pros

Such a frenzy and Seal Commercial Presssecrecy about such a straightforward process – not taboo topics like weapons, politics, or religion, but comic book pressing. Yep, this process of improving a book’s quality by pressing out its imperfections. I’m going spread the word about my findings on this website where it can be shared, improved upon, and contribute to the community. Here goes nothing!