Dr. Dre: From Compton to Forbes

465075-d0ea2a4a-e6b3-11e3-ba62-a129b4e220c3[1]Dr. Dre would eclipse the current richest hip-hop mogul, Sean Coombs, should a rumored deal of Apple buying Beats Electronics (Beats By Dre) for a reported $3.2B be true. There are numerous questions of why this move would make sense, but neither company takes such large decisions lightly, so it is probably not for us to know until the inevitable reveal.

Retooling Jet for an Interactive Generation

Following other publisher trends, Jet magazine has decided to exclusively move to web and digital delivery after more than 6 decades of providing news and insights to the African American community. Jet rose to stardom with its coverage of civil rights issues and maintained its position as one of America’s top black magazines. This shift recognizes that readers want more dynamic content.

Numbers That Make a Parent Cringe

Last week, a White House report outlined policies that colleges and universities should follow in response to the 49% rise in campus rape reports over 4 years. I applaud that this goes further than a USDOJ report issued in 2000, but more needs to be done. If even one woman is attacked in an institution of higher learning, we all need to be outraged.

Polio Resurgence in a Modern World

It has been decades since the word “polio” was in our common lexicon. However, here we are in 2014 watching this disease fight it’s way back from the brink of eradication. It’s rebirth in war-torn Syria, Pakistan, and Cameroon has prompted the WHO to take emergency action because it is spreading even further. I am hopeful poliolyelitis quickly meets its worldwide demise.

But I’m Somebody Important, Aren’t I?

At a collegiate championship cycling event, an elderly cyclist meandered across the race course, nearly colliding with an oncoming broom wagon. As he arrived on the opposite side, an officer asked him why he ignored the vehement shouts of impending doom by officials, the man responded that he was  on the Mayor’s Bicycle Council. Really? He should heed their own advice.

Continued Media Negligence of African News?

Last year, when armed gunmen ran rampant through a mall after over a year of planning, I was dumbfounded at the lack of media coverage. The gut-wrenching stories slowly trickled into mainstream news. Is this pattern repeating itself with the armed abduction of over 200 school age girls over 2 weeks ago who are now being forced to marry their captors? For shame.

DHS Not a Fan of IE

Having suffered from its own hacks, it seems the Department of Homeland Security is issuing a general warning to Americans to discontinue the use of Internet Explorer following an exploit that was recently identified. Of course, the real culprit here seems to be Adobe Flash, which might be proven to be as problematic as Steve Jobs claimed it was years ago.

Apple Drops Prices on Macbook Airs

Apple has long been known to charge a premium for its devices. Even their more antiquated hardware comes with the infamous “Apple surcharge“. However, in a move that might acknowledges the age of the Macbook Air line, they have dropped the price by $100. I wouldn’t be surprised if this move is in anticipation of the line finally getting a Retina display.

Racism: a Common, Elderly Characteristic?

As stories, like Donald Sterling‘s, come to light, I wonder if a predisposition to racist stereotypes among geriatrics is entrenched through how heavily steeped they were in segregation and blatant civil rights oppression. I would never give anyone who practices racism a pass under any circumstances, but it might be a fool’s errand to rehabilitate their  antiquated and misguided mindsets.